December 25 2010

Most common Home Inspection Issues

What have we being seeing on home inspection reports lately? Find out the top three in this month's episode.


August 30 2010

Investing in the Phoenix area Rental Market

Thinking about investing? Want to make money twice? Consider the HOT HOT HOT Phoenix rental market.

Have more questions on how to get started? Call our office at 602.476.1942 or email us at


July 29 2010


HAFA Short Sale Program and Katie's "two cents".


June 20 2010

What do I need to provide to short sale my home?

This month's topic touches on the basic documents and information that consumers can expect to be asked to provide to perform a short sale transaction.


May 29 2010

Short Sale Negotiating when you’re a Buyer

A Buyer's perspective in a short sale transaction. What you should know.


January 20 2010

December 2009 Phoenix Real Estate stats and 2010 top 10 predictions!

It's 2010! This month's podcast is all about 2009 year-end statistics and my 2010 "top 10" list. Enjoy! Please comment to I love to hear from you!


December 22 2009

Current Phoenix, AZ market stats and Luxury home short sales?

Market stats for November, 2009

Are we going to start seeing more foreclosures and short sales in the luxury home market?


August 23 2009

Multiple offers? Can’t get accepted?

That's right...multiple offer situations all over Phoenix, AZ. Has been for months! And you thought you'd hold out for the bottom...still...


April 16 2009


April is here! Short sales are all over in the Phoenix Metro Real Estate market. Do you know what they're all about?


March 9 2009

“Will Obama’s plan help me”

Katie brings in David Rider for his take on the plan. David Rider 480.236.2125 - Sterling Mortgage

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